Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Body Mechanics 2

Here's the latest from Body Mechanics Plus. It's funny class 2 and class 3 are both called Body Mechanics, but this one was much more in depth about body movement. I really like body and movement and obseving movement. I was lucky to be able to film the reference for both biped characters.

First assignment was super tricky! The teacher wanted more of a cartoon off balance, windmill arm movement, but I didn't do that in my reference much at all. The end shot was created by a combination of teacher help and making it up.

Second assignment was to have a character climb something then jump down. I had a lot of fun filming that reference! I had a lot of fun animating this one, the hardest parts were the IK/FK switch in the arms and getting the run looking right. At first I had him running in a curve away from camera and it just looked like a zig zag even though the arcs from above were correct. This was my favorite of the three assignments.

And finally, a quadruped walk cycle! Slightly faster than a walk, both feet hit the ground at the same time.